Now your marketing initiatives
has a meaning to them.


The truth that you should know.

The local mainstream TV advert, press advert, mail out catalogues and newsletter do not have a high level of cut through to Chinese customers. They want meaningful messages in their own language on their heavily used media platform. Just like how you use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The right message.
The right media.

A WeChat Verified Official Account can reach your potential customers. With customisable menus and personalised greeting messages with juicy content, you can engage with them efficiently. Whether it is an introduction of your business in a meaningful translation, a special offer, prize or survey. Your engagement can be a mix of text, photo, audio and video. WeChat Verified Official Account is the best way to increase awareness of your branding to Chinese customers.

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Payment completed.
Sales begins.

Fast and secure payment gateway is not good enough nowadays. Our WeChat Pay solution transform a payment gateway to a sales tool, whether it's in store or online. You can interact with your Chinese customers on their fully customisable receipts. No matter it is the information of a new product launch, a upcoming event, a coupon or a prize. They deserve more than just a way of payment.

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Keep them coming back.

Chinese customers love special offers. Now you can use WeChat Voucher for maximum penetration to Chinese market. It can be produced, shared, gifted and redeemed all in a digital way. Plus, we will provide all the data and reports of WeChat Voucher for your next campaign.

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