What are WeChat Moments?

WeChat moments is the heart of social interactions on WeChat. It is like the Facebook feed from your friends and pages that you have liked. Posts published by users as well as companies can be shared, liked and commented on by your connections. Content published or shared on Moments can include images, text only, videos and links to URLs.

How do Ads in Moments work?

An ad will be served to the target audience you have specified as the fifth feed in a user's moment.

After a user liked or commented on an advert, and if their friends have also liked or commented on the advert, the user will receive a red-dot reminder to the advert.

If a user that has been served the advert and did not respond to the advert within 24 hours, the advert will no longer be served to the user. This prevents user fatigue of an advert appearing too frequently.

Only Ad Impression and Interactive Impression will be charged to the advertiser.

*Maximum one charge within 5 minutes for a user. And each user will be charged no more than 8 times for the same Ad.
1 Ad Impression 2 Interactive Impression

WeChat Moments Display & Video Advert

Here are a couple of examples of the types of WeChat Moments adverts
- a display advert and a video advert

WeChat Official Account Ads

Advertising on WeChat can also appear on Official Accounts pages.


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