Advertisement on Official Accounts

When you advertise on WeChat, one of the two places your ads can appear in is Official Accounts (OA). Depending on the criteria you've selected, your ad will be served on relevant Official Account pages that are most relevant to the target audience.


Banner AD

There are two types of ads possible. The first is where the ad is will redirect users to a landing page. This can be your own Official account page, an external webpage, your WeChat Shop or landing page for your voucher.

One-Click-To-Follow AD

While the second type of ad is 'One-Click-To-Follow' ads. These ads encourages users to follow your brand with just a couple of clicks.

How Click-To-Follow Ads Work

WeChat Moments Ads

The other location that WeChat advertisements can appear is within the moments feed of the user.
This is the news from friends and updates page on WeChat.


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