2019 to be China-New Zealand Year of Tourism

Prime Minister Bill English’s recent announcement reinforces what many in the tourism industry already know:
1. The importance of Tourism to New Zealand’s economy
2. The importance of the Chinese market to tourism

Early adopters across all industries either have or are making their businesses more “China Ready”.

A big part of making your business “China Ready” is offering Chinese the opportunity to engage, learn, explore, pay for things in the way in which they do in China. This is where WeChat can be a very powerful tool in making your business “China Ready”.

WeChat is already the most heavily used app by Chinese for all number of aspects of their daily life. By adopting a WeChat strategy in your business you can engage with Chinese people before they come, while they are here and even after they leave through the social aspects of WeChat, you can also allow them to pay for goods and services using WeChat Pay. By adopting a WeChat strategy you can increase your engagement and ultimately the amount of money they spend with you. WeChat advertising is also a great way to grow awareness of your brand and products this works similarly to Facebook adds.

PayPlus offers customers the opportunity to engage with WeChat across the following:
* WeChat Official Accounts which are similar to Facebook business page
* WeChat Pay both online and offline
* Hosted WeChat shop to market and sell products and services on
* WeChat Ads

Obviously every business is unique and therefore what you need from WeChat will be a unique combination of the possible aspects of WeChat.

Contact PayPlus for a chat about a WeChat strategy to help your business “China Ready”.

Email: info@payplus.co.nz




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