Alibaba – Amazon Of The East (Infographic) 2018

Ever since online shopping became a thing, the world as we knew it forever changed – for the better! Alibaba is China’s largest e-commerce company; hundreds of millions of users turn to Alibaba when in need to buy high-quality products that come with the lowest price tags.  

As if things weren’t good enough, AliExpress is another online retailer owned by no one else but Alibaba. Launched in 2010, AliExpress is today among the leading global retail businesses offering quality products at low price points. Your order amount can be as low as one item and you still have the right to pay factory prices safely thanks to their buyers’ protection service. Moreover, AliExpress coupons and deals are making the already affordable shopping experience even better by allowing you to make the bargain of a lifetime!

Operating in more than 200 countries, Alibaba is the one place where one can easily find almost anything that money can buy. What’s more, nobody has to overpay Alibaba’s hospitality; you are welcome to shop anytime, from anywhere, for a price that works best for you. The infographic below features fun facts and amazing stats about the world’s favourite shopping platform.

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