Accept AliPay and WeChat Pay for your business

What is AliPay and WeChat Pay?

AliPay and WeChat Pay is the Chinese equivalent of Visa & Master Card, the difference being they are a mobile phone based digital wallet. In China, 82% of all payments are mobile phone based, 90% of these are processed through AliPay and WeChat Pay.

The opportunity for New Zealand businesses is to charge for products and services in New Zealand Dollars, while allowing Chinese to pay from their AliPay and WeChat Pay digital wallet in RMB (Chinese currency).

For most businesses, accepting payments using AliPay and WeChat Pay is the first and simplest step to engage with Chinese customers. Local businesses can also adopt a presence and marketing strategy from AliPay and WeChat Pay beyond payment.

As a New Zealand authorised AliPay and WeChat Service Provider, PayPlus is able to set you up with a hassle free AliPay and WeChat Pay payment solution both in-store and on your website. This can be an easy stand alone solution or a seamless integrated POS solution. Furthermore, PayPlus is unique as we are the only authorised AliPay and WeChat service provider that has the payment engine fully developed and hosted in New Zealand.

AliPay and WeChat Pay in Store

This can be as simple as standalone solution, or integrated with your POS system, booking reservation system, or EFTPOS terminal.

AliPay and WeChat Pay on Website

This can be integrated with your own e-commerce or use one of our payment plugins for WooCommerce and Shopify.

Why and How?

Who should become a WeChat Pay and AliPay Merchant?

Any New Zealand business that wants to attract or encourage higher spending with Chinese customers. These maybe Chinese tourists, Chinese students, recent migrants from China or those in China looking to purchase New Zealand products. 

With Chinese using AliPay and WeChat multiple times on a daily basis, it is fast becoming the preferred payment method. Offering AliPay and WeChat Pay not only simplifies the transaction for Chinese, but also increases the daily sales volume for the New Zealand company.

Step 1

Merchant sells products and services in NZD.

Step 2

Customer scans the merchant's unique QR code or Merchant scans customer's QR code, then pays for in RMB according to the AliPay or WeChat exchange rate.

Step 3

AliPay or WeChat Pay receives in RMB then settles with PayPlus in NZD within two working days.

Step 4

PayPlus settles with the merchant in NZD within two working days.

When will I receive my money?

PayPlus is unique as we are the only authorised AliPay and WeChat Service Provider that has the payment gateway fully developed and hosted in New Zealand. This ensures full security of all transactions as well as guaranteeing that your money will be settled within two working days, excluding public holidays in New Zealand and China.

How secure is the transaction?

AliPay and WeChat Pay use industry-leading security technology, conforming to PCI-DSS information security standards, and tailor full-featured security products to protect the security of every transaction. 

PayPlus has a master key with both WeChat Pay & AliPay, during on-boarding process each merchant is issued with an unique encrypted merchant key. Before a QR code is generated the payment system will match these two keys. Without verification of the two keys the QR code cant be produced or payment processed.

AliPay Security

Protected with Top-level PCI-DSS security
Account Protection
Real-Time Security Monitoring
24/7 support

WeChat Pay Security

Protected with Top-level PCI-DSS security
Account Protection
Real-Time Security Monitoring
24/7 support


Alipay was founded in 2004. With the mission of “bring the world equal opportunities”, AliPay is dedicated to creating an open, shared credit system and financial services platform through technology innovations, and to provide consumers and small businesses with safe and convenient inclusive financial services globally. 

Tencent, the owner of WeChat, is now listed in the top 10 companies globally. They have 1 billion active users and process 600 million payment transactions daily.

PayPlus is an authorised AliPay and WeChat Service Provider, to achieve this PayPlus had to meet all the AliPay and WeChat criteria as well as New Zealand regulations. As a result, PayPlus has an approved Anti-Money Laundry program, PayPlus is a registered Financial Service Provider and a member of the Disputes Resolution Scheme.

To process AliPay or WeChat payments, an AliPay and WeChat Service Provider needs to use a payment engine. PayPlus has developed its own payment engine which sits on servers in New Zealand meaning your payment data stays in New Zealand and also means the payment experience is fast and secure.

AliPay and WeChat deal with the exchange rate for you as part of the cross border settlement solution. PayPlus does not manipulate the exchange rate. You charge in NZD and Chinese customer has RMB deducted from their WeChat Wallet and then we settle back with you in NZD.

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