Golden Ticket to Higher Revenue for Vend Customers

PayPlus are excited to offer retailers in New Zealand and Australia FREE seamless plug and play integration of e-payment giants WeChat and Alipay into Vend!

Reasons Why You Need This

  • To find that next 10% at next to no cost
  • EASY seamless integration – similar to adding Visa or MasterCard
  • FREE to implement
  • FREE marketing with Alipay Discover
  • EASY to use – no training required
  • Most importantly HIGHER REVENUE!

With over 900 million monthly active users currently spending an average of 66 minutes in the app per day, the WeChat universe is growing rapidly – already surpassing Facebook’s daily average of 50 minutes spent online. Alipay currently has over 870 million active users and together with WeChat, they are two of the worlds largest payment platforms and are the preferred payment methods in China, effectively rendering traditional currency obsolete. To find out more about WeChat & Alipay please follow this link.

Grow Your Business

Did you know that every year, New Zealand is visited by over 450,000 Chinese tourists? That is an additional 10% of New Zealand’s population visiting our shores every year from China alone! There is a huge opportunity here to tap into the Chinese user base of WeChat and Alipay and significantly grow your business revenue just with e-payments alone! Most Chinese do not have credit cards, 88% of all transactions in China are made via e-wallets, therefore by simply offering WeChat and Alipay as a payment solution and leveraging the WeChat Social Platform and the Alipay Discover Platforms – which assist in helping tourists find your business through geolocation markers – you not only see an increase in revenue but also obtain FREE marketing on Alipay Discovery as well.

Ease of Use

Please see how easy it is from the short video below.


Get Started

It has never been easier or cheaper to grow your business.  Obviously, we will need you to sign up with us first.

Once that’s done, we’ll guide you through the three easy steps and we will have you up and running within 24 hours for FREE!

To reiterate, thanks to PayPlus opening the doors to Vend’s 20,000 plus stores to Chinese spend, it has never been easier to grow that bottom line. 

*Please note a $20 ongoing monthly account fee applies, check with PayPlus for special terms and conditions

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