How to Boost Your WeChat Game & Get More Customers By Launching a Mini Program

Did you know that there are currently more than one million mini programs in the market right now – this is half as many mini programs available to Chinese right now as there are apps available in Apple’s App Store, covering off over 200 different categories? With upwards of 200 million daily active users, WeChat Mini Programs have become the way to do pretty much everything in China!


What is a WeChat Mini Program?

The best way to describe a Mini Program is simply an App within an app or a separate application within WeChat which enables e-commerce, task management, coupons, account management and location functions to users. Fast to load with easy navigation, Mini Programs are compatible with every OS which supports WeChat and have been proven to boost sales via ecommerce functionality. No login is required to complete transactions via a mini program. Another advantage is that Mini Programs don’t require WeChat users to download and install separate applications on their mobile phones or devices.


Facts About WeChat

Here in Western Society, we indulge in and love our social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. Imagine a world where these simply do not exist – wouldn’t that be crazy?!…..CHINA is that world! In China, “Google” and the like simply do not exist. The internet is replaced by a country-wide “Intranet” through the aptly named The Great FireWall. Platforms such as WeChat are essentially the life-blood of Chinese society and is where the Chinese people conduct everyday transactions such as their online shopping, ordering of food, peer to peer transactions, banking, services, reviews, messaging etc. This being the case, 88% of all payments in China are completed via e-wallets on platforms such as WeChat – which has seen these methods become the preferred and most trusted way to pay in China, rendering traditional currency and credit cards, obsolete.  Interestingly, 1.078 billion people are mobile users – 98% of the country’s user base! That shows just how efficient China’s rollout of network coverage has been as well as how mobile technology has become a vital part of everyday life across the country. Pretty interesting right?



How Will a Mini Program Affect My Business?

Bare in mind that over 450,000 Chinese tourists visit New Zealand every year – that’s 10% of New Zealand’s population visiting our shores every year from China alone! Chinese research agencies Kueclub and WeChat recently undertook a survey of 8,000 WeChat users to help understand daily habits and preferences.  The survey determined that 72% had used a Mini Program and 34% are frequent users of them in China – the saturation here in NZ and Australia would be far greater. Time spent by users on Mini Programs have increased from 1.6 mins per day to 9.8 mins. More and more companies such as Google are now using Mini Programs alongside their mobile app – a perfect combo. The e-commerce capabilities can help reach the 83% of WeChat users that regularly shop online. Mini programs can be accessed at any time and anywhere and shared by forwarding to contacts or chat groups – in turn driving more traffic. Users who experience your products & services via these programs are much more likely to convert into higher sales.

Parnell Business Association here in Auckland launched their Mini Program in 2018 with the goal of providing Chinese tourists a directory of things to do in the greater Parnell area in order to encourage a greater disbursement of Chinese spend. To this date, this has proven to be a very successful venture. Scan QR code below to experience a Mini Program in action.



Pacific Alpacas – New Zealand’s largest Alpaca Fibre Pool have recently launched their Mini Program built by Payplus. We conducted a Case Study in conjunction with Panda Republic to see how their Mini Program is going to affect their business moving forward. Click here to view the case study.


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In Conclusion

As you can see, Mini Programs really are the way of the future – they will only have a positive impact on your business. Infact, over 40% of users surveyed believe that Mini programs will replace stand alone apps some day. Payplus are the experts in this field, contact them here with any questions you may have and they will help you get you set up in no time!



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