3 Easy Steps to Link Alipay & WeChat Pay in Vend

Follow this easy, step by step guide for adding Alipay & WeChat Pay in Vend using PayPlus.


Step 1: Sign in your Vend Account

We suggest to log in on a desktop web browser where you can do all the settings for Vend.


Step 2: Add Payment Type

From the left pane, go to ‘Setup‘ > ‘Payment Types‘ > ‘Add Payment Type‘ as per screenshot below.


Then you will need to scroll down the options and select ‘Other Provider‘.


On the pop-up window, click on ‘Begin Setup‘.


Enter the name ‘PayPlus‘ and gateway https://biz.payplus.co.nz/vendpay/oneqr then click on ‘Save Payment Type‘.

Step 3: Link your Vend Account with PayPlus

Now please go to ‘Sell‘ and try selling anything as you usually do. At the Payment Page, choose ‘PayPlus‘ for this transaction.


The system will show the credentials on your screen. Please copy your Register ID (highlighted in red below) and send it to processingteam@payplus.co.nz.


That’s it! You have added Alipay and WeChat Pay successfully in Vend. We will confirm with you within 24 hours when it is up and running from our end.

If you do not have an account with us, please Sign Up with us.

We’d love to hear from you — let us know if you have any questions.

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