Introducing AliPay Integration with Vend

PayPlus is excited to be able to announce the completion of our latest integration of AliPay into Vend.

Vend, the popular cloud based retail management software solution or POS provider used by 20,000 plus stores in 140 countries around the world.

Through PayPlus retailers using Vend in New Zealand & Australia can now offer AliPay in the same seamless way they offer other major payment methods.

So if you use Vend and are looking to grow your share of the Chinese market then offering AliPay is now a super easy strategy to turn on and grow your market share. Check out how easy it is in this video below.


Sign up now if you are based in New Zealand or in Australia.

1 thought on “Introducing AliPay Integration with Vend”

  1. Hello,
    I am designing an online shop its not on any provider I am coding it myself. I will use it to sell tea in China.
    I dont currently have a chinese business license so I am unable to create a wechat official account.

    I wanted to know if your services allow my website to process payments from alipay or wechat pay.

    hope to hear from you soon thank you.

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