Chinese love vouchers.

Most cost-efficient way
to penetrate Chinese market.

Your marketing strategies often miss the mark when it comes to Chinese customers. This is due to fact it’s not normal behaviour for Chinese to search on websites and receive newsletters. So the problem becomes how do we get our messages and offers meaningfully translated and presented in a media which we know is heavily used by the target market. Now we have a WeChat Voucher system, which effectively translates and tailors offers for your Chinese customers.

A Voucher that works.

Through WeChat Voucher, your business will be able to reward your customers when you want to – during times when sales are low or to celebrate an occasion. Furthermore, with WeChat Voucher your followers can share, save and gift the voucher to their contacts. This will create further brand awareness and new customers for you!

Redeem it digitally.
Without additional hardware.

For a customer WeChat vouchers work basically the same as a normal discount offer or promotional coupon you would see in a newspaper or magazine. The difference is that WeChat coupons are virtual and not paper. This makes the creation, sharing and redemption even easier and hassle free. Simple really!

Tie in a voucher promotion with your WeChat Verified Official Account and WeChat Pay to maximise followers and sales.

How WeChat Voucher works.

WeChat Voucher solution includes features like accessing your business contact details, your website, your WeChat Official Account, your offer T&Cs, showcase your product content, calling and navigating directly from the voucher with one tap.

Step 1

A business provides the offer for PayPlus to create the voucher.

Step 2

We will use the WeChat user algorithm and determine the best places within WeChat to display the voucher. This can appear in the Official Account Ad or as a feed in Moments Ad or it can be just organic sharing.

Step 3

A WeChat user sees the voucher, clicks and views the voucher and is able to share, gift, save or redeem the voucher.

Step 4

Your business will have a full report on the activities related to the campaign such as how many people collect, share, gift and redeem the voucher.

All the reports that you need.

You can access all the data from your WeChat Voucher campaign. Such as the number of view, number of collection, number of redemption, and a reconciliation tool. You can analyse these data for your next marketing campaign.

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