Access the CIAL South marketing programme.

What is the South Programme?

Christchurch International Airport Limited (CIAL) has partnered with the Alibaba group of companies including AliPay, Fliggy & Tmall. This partnership is designed to help tourism related business by:

1, Increasing the spend from Chinese tourist through offering AliPay;

2, Driving increased Chinese visitors to the South Island and key North Island destinations through AliPay’s discovery listing platform;

3, Providing micro exporting opportunities for local business’s into china through the Tmall platform.

Marketing through AliPay

When you sign up to offer AliPay, PayPlus can also provide you with a customised listing in the AliPay discover platform. The listing is translated and can provide Video content, coupons/vouchers with offers to drive digital impressions to your door, photos showcasing your offering, location & key contact information, description of your business and offering. Used by 520M Chinese its your chance to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Fliggy (formerly Alitrips) is an OTA (online travel agency) with over 100 million members and 10 million daily visits.

Focus on international travel, with a slightly younger, FIT audience.

We are developing a South store on Fliggy to allow tourism operators to sell directly to the rapidly growing Chinese FIT market. This gives operators:

Greater exposure direct to Chinese FIT travellers, as part of a dedicated South site.

Complete control over product pricing and inventory.

Reduced commission.

The ability to generate greater pre-travel sales.

Tmall is a B2C e-commerce platform, featuring 70k international and Chinese brands.

It has over 180 million monthly customers and accounts for almost 50% of the online B2C market in China.

Access Chinese consumers in a way they would unlikely be able to do themselves, leveraging the data capabilities of the wider South programme.

Leverage on the South brand being built across the wider Alibaba network.

Sell goods to Chinese traveller / existing customers once they have returned home.

Achieve early scale in the Chinese domestic market they would be unlikely to achieve themselves.

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