What You’re Missing Out on Without Alipay and WeChat Pay

When you hear the words “WeChat” or “Alipay”, what comes to mind?………… Perhaps the thoughts “sounds daunting and foreign” or maybe “I have no idea” or even “why is this important to me?” Sure, you may have heard of these Chinese superapps, however we want to help explain in simple terms what this could mean for your business – hint: it could be a fast and free* way to add to your bottom line!  

What are WeChat and Alipay?

Here in Western Society, we indulge in and love our social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. Imagine a world where these simply do not exist – wouldn’t that be crazy?!…..CHINA is that world! In China, “Google” and the like simply do not exist. The internet is replaced by a country-wide “Intranet” through the aptly named The Great FireWall. Platforms such as WeChat and Alipay are essentially the life-blood of Chinese society and is where the Chinese people conduct everyday transactions such as their online shopping, ordering of food, peer to peer transactions, banking, services, reviews, messaging etc. This being the case, 88% of all payments in China are completed via e-wallets namely WeChat and/or Alipay – which has seen these methods become the preferred and most trusted way to pay in China, rendering traditional currency and credit cards, obsolete. Interestingly, 1.078 billion people are mobile users – 98% of the country’s user base! That shows just how efficient China’s rollout of network coverage has been as well as how mobile technology has become a vital part of everyday life across the country. Pretty interesting right?



“How will WeChat/Alipay help me grow my NZ business?”

This may be the ultimate question on your mind… Every year New Zealand sees upwards of 450,000 Chinese touriststhat’s 10% of New Zealand’s population visiting our shores every year from China alone! Given WeChat and Alipay are second nature to our Chinese tourists, implementing them will make your business far more attractive and allow you to easily tap into this broad customer base – essentially bringing you 10% more business. Gone are the ‘language barrier’ issues, you will now be communicating more effectively, in a language they understand when it comes to doing business. WeChat’s Social Platform and Alipay’s Discover Platform will assist in helping these tourists find your business through geolocation markers based on where they are at that time.


How to get started

More and more big names throughout New Zealand such as adventure providers, accommodation, fashion, health vendors and retail are signing up every day and using WeChat and Alipay and are seeing fantastic results and growth. Every second Alipay completes 250,000 transactions – that’s 2.7 billion per DAY!  All payments are settled in NZD with within 48 hours! PayPlus offers FREE setup* of WeChat and Alipay as well as multiple solutions to ensure these integrate seamlessly into your business. Free*, easy to use, more customers, more money – it really is a no-brainerYOUR BUSINESS NEEDS THIS! 


Our existing integrations include:

Island Pacific
Advanced Retail
SmartPay Eftpos Terminals

These brands have already enabled Alipay and WeChat Pay:

*Some services might be chargeable.

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